Bigg Boss 16 Day 116 Updates: It Is Mandali v/s Priyanka Over Nimrit’s TTFW, Things Go Ugly Between Archana And ‘Udariyaan’ Actor

New Delhi: The ticket to the finale is testing the patience of all the housemates of COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Amid everyone’s ambition to win the season, the housemates are offered a chance to snatch captain Nimrit’s ticket to the finale with a task that involves the rest of the contestants enlisting the various incidents of violation of rules during her captaincy. 

For every violation, housemates will be asked to remove a ring from a rectangular board, which must hit the count of 10 rings to dismiss Nimrit’s ticket to finale. Priyanka and Tina try their hardest to take it away from her but the mandali stands still.

Since the start of this season, the mandali of the house made the impression that they’ll stay united beyond the show, but it seems that it is coming apart as fights are getting frequent among its members. Things get quite ugly as Priyanka comments on Shiv’s attitude and he gets personal. Tonight you will see a mandali v/s Priyanka feud.

Later, on a small topic of leftover chapatis, things get ugly between Priyanka-Tina and Archana. The new revived friendship breaks again over some arguments between the three. Shalin on the other hand is not feeling okay and has been prescribed pills. Tina thinks that all he is doing is acting and becoming a ‘Devdas’ when it was all his fault and she should be the one getting upset.

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