BTS Singer Jungkook Reveals Secret To a Good Night’s Sleep

Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 08:16 IST

Jungkook follows most of the tips shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get better sleep. (Images: Instagram)

The very talented and adorable, Jungkook shared his nighttime routine with the BTS Army on Weverse Army Membership 2023, read on to know more-

The member of the megapopular K-pop Boy band, Jeon Jungkook is back with his charming smile, ready to make ARMY’s heart flutter again and share a thing or two about how to get good sleep.  Sitting in a cosy bedroom setting, the youngest member of BTS gave a Good night Interview on Weverse talking about his “special daily routine”. All prepped up to share the things he always does before going to bed, Jungkook hoped that ARMYs could possibly take something useful from his interview that could help them have a good night’s sleep too.

Right off the bat, Jungkook lets ARMYs know that most of the time, he is unable to fall asleep right away. “I listen to music or watch a video and when I feel sleepy when my eyes start to close I try to fall asleep,” he said in his interview. If that was not relatable enough, the vocalist of BTS went on to mention that while sometimes it feels like he falls asleep in 30 seconds, other times he lies awake for three or four hours.

What goes on in his head when the latter happens? The Golden Maknae said, “I think about what happened that day and my thoughts start branching out from there. For example, if I wasn’t happy with how I did at the concert, I think about that until another topic comes to mind.” He smiled as he went on to add, “Then I think about that topic, and another, and another.”

Jungkook also had pretty good ideas for ARMYs to make sure they can catch some z’s. First and foremost, the BTS member makes sure he sticks to a sleep schedule. If he is unable to do that and ends up staying up until the morning, he would try to stay up for the day and crash only at night. Next, he prefers to keep his room temperature ideal. He said, “I usually have my room at the ideal temperature. I can’t sleep if it’s too hot or if it’s too cold.” Additionally, Jungkook mentioned not eating anything right before bed and a bit of light stretching to help you relax before bed.

Known for being a fitness freak who is perfect at all he does, there might not be a lot of times ARMYs can relate to Jungkook’s perfect habits and talents. Yet there is one thing most people might be able to relate to. Even the Golden Maknae of BTS struggles to wake up in the morning. When asked about his morning alarm tip, he mentioned it was of no use since he cannot hear the alarm either way. Jungkook shared that he woke up late even on that day, got ready in a hurry, and rushed over.

It might be perfect to take a page out of Jungkook’s book. For he already follows most of the tips shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get better sleep.

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