Republic Day 2023: Regional Tricolour Dishes That Will Satiate The Foodie In You

Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 14:18 IST

Republic Day 2023: Tricolour Idli and pulao can be perfect for breakfast while enjoying the New Delhi’s R-Day parade on your television. (Representative images: Shutterstock)

Republic Day 2023: Here is how you can incorporate the tri-colour of the national flag into these simple recipes from various parts of India and make your Republic Day celebrations grander

HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY 2023: Gear up to add some flavour to your celebrations as India prepares to mark its 74th Republic Day. This national holiday is particularly significant to the entire nation because it was on this day that our country was declared a sovereign republic. The day is marked with great fervour by the citizens of the nation.

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In case you are looking to sit back and relax as you watch the famous military parade in New Delhi on your television, what better way than to enjoy the early morning with a tri-colour feast? Here is how you can incorporate the tri-colour of the national flag into these simple recipes from various parts of India and make your Republic Day celebrations grander:

Tricolour Idli

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Idli is one of the most well-known savoury rice cake dishes from Southern India. To add a tri-colour touch to the dish, make an idli batter and then divide the spinach and carrot puree into two parts separately to make red and green idli. If you dislike the flavour of carrots, you can add food colouring to the batter separately. Bake the idlis using the same method. Serve the dish with the red/saffron idli on top, followed by the white idli, and finally the green idli.

Tri-colour Pulao/Biryani

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Improve your cooking skills by adding a splash of colour and creativity to one of India’s most popular dishes, pulao or biryani. Divide the cooked rice into three equal portions. Place the first part in the serving dish and colour it with red/saffron food colouring. Combine the curd and the second part in the dish, followed by the red part. Prepare the coriander chutney, drain it, and combine it with the third part. Place the third part in the dish first, then the second. Garnish the centre with roasted cumin or a clove. Serve hot.

Tricolour Paneer Tikka Skewers

Here’s a recipe for foodies who can’t live without their favourite paneer on special occasions. People on a diet can also enjoy this dish as it is not as spicy and oily as traditional paneer tikka.

Grill the paneer in a nonstick skillet or microwave. Make three separate marinating bowls. To make the orange marinade, combine red chilli powder, saffron food colour, and garam masala in the hung curd. To make the white colour, combine red chilli powder and garam masala in hung curd. In hung curd, combine mint-coriander chutney and garam masala for green marinating.

Combine all three pastes with funnel powder. Remove one piece of paneer from each bowl and secure it with a screwer. Cook for a few seconds. Grilled carrot with orange paneer, grilled onion with coloured paneer, and grilled bell pepper (capsicum) or broccoli with green marinated paneer are all good options. If desired, top with white cream. Enjoy!

Tricolour Coconut Pudding

Start your day with something sweet and quick. This tri-coloured coconut pudding is the perfect healthy dessert to start your day. All you need is carrot juice, spinach juice, and corn flour for each layer. You will also need sugar and coconut milk. Mix carrot juice, cornflour and sugar. Add it to warm coconut milk and cook for some time till it thickens. Pour it into a greased bowl. Create the three different layers and refrigerate for 4 hours. Carefully unmould and enjoy.

Tricolour Dumplings

Dumplings are extremely difficult to resist. They are not only delicious, but they are also simple to prepare. These tricolour chicken dumplings take only 30 minutes to prepare. Finely chopped vegetables are used to make the filling. The outer cover is made up of three colours: saffron from carrots, green from spinach, and white from refined flour.

Set the tone for the festivities with these tricolour dishes, and have a wonderful Republic Day.

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