Vaibhav Arora steps ahead to leave another mark in the Indian film industry in 2023!

New Delhi: The universe of fame has always been an appeal because it is filled with wealth, beauty, and mystery, but the emergence of social media has allowed the general public to see more of what goes on behind the scenes of all those shining. This mystique is one of the factors that attracted Vaibhav Arora, a renowned fashion blogger and social media influencer who has successfully been moving forward to set undisputed bars in the industry since the year 2018. 

Many social media influencers and bloggers keeps the focus on a specific platform, and even though this can be one of the most profitable options for both brands and influencers, Vaibhav Arora believes he doesn’t like to fit himself into only one category. Through his unique ideology as a skilled content creator he has always been a successful individual when it comes to taking the risk. He was noticed in a collaboration Ranbir Kapoor or Rohit Shetty during the promotion of their movie “Brahmastra”. He follows a tight schedule while creating content for the social media and hence tries to provide the most premium content to his audience. Arora has a good sense of colours, art and culture that allows him to prepare audience engaging content on everyday basis. Vaibhav is a kind individual who inspires the youth to stay focused at whatever they wish to become in their lives. He also provides tips and tricks to youngsters on how to build an interesting presence in the social media as well as the world of fashion.

“The youth still keeps the same mindset that Mumbai is the place to make a career in the fashion industry. But, I would suggest this from my personal experience that it is not like that. Earlier things were different, now the situation has changed. Today’s era has become digital. In such a situation, we also have to walk with the trend. You are from any city or village. If you have talent, you can grow yourself. The only condition is that you keep continuity and create your own style statement. This will attract the audience to you. By the way, I myself am from Jaipur. But, now I live in Delhi. Talent is not dependent on any place” said Vaibhav Arora.

With more than two million followers on social media, Vaibhav continues to keep brands in trend and audience attention. His attractive presentation skills became a big reason behind so many brands touching their marketing goals every month. He has collaborated with more than 30 famous brands which includes Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Reebok, DW, Park Avenue, Caffeine, Shoppe, Royal Stag, My Protein, Gillette, Noise, Bewakoof, Mivi, The Man Company, Cantabil, Asian Shoes and the list continues.

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