NCP Leader Nawab Malik Granted Immediate Release on Cash Bail by Special Court: On Monday, a special court that deals with cases involving MPs and MLAs allowed Nawab Malik, a leader from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), to be released on cash bail. He had been in CritiCare Hospital in Kurla for kidney-related issues and other health problems.

Supriya Sule Waits Anxiously as Nawab Malik’s Release Gets Delayed Until Late Evening

Supriya Sule, who is a leader in the NCP, had gone to the hospital in the afternoon to see Nawab Malik. She had to wait for more than four hours because he could only leave the hospital after 8 pm.

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Supriya Sule Expresses Relief Over Nawab Malik’s Bail Release Amidst Injustice Claims

Sule told reporters, “I had welcomed Anil Deshmukh when he got bail, and today Nawab bhai is getting bail. It’s sad that he had to face difficulties and unfair treatment. This is a big relief for his family and the NCP. We’ve all been through a tough time. I’ve seen how hard it was for Nawab bhai and Deshmukh’s families.” When asked if Nawab Malik was going to join Sharad Pawar’s NCP or Ajit Pawar’s group, Sule said, “I don’t know where he’s going. I’m not here as a party leader or for politics. Nawab bhai is like an elder brother to me, and that’s why I’m here. He hasn’t been well for a long time, so he was in the hospital.”

Nawab Malik’s Alleged Future Affiliation Remains Uncertain After Bail Release

Malik was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on February 23, 2022, in a money laundering case. The ED’s case is based on a complaint filed by the National Investigation Agency on February 11 the previous year against gangster Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and some of his associates.

ED’s Arrest of Nawab Malik in Money Laundering Case: Timeline of Events

While he was in custody, Malik’s health got worse, and he was allowed to go to CritiCare Hospital on May 17 last year. He continued to stay in the hospital. On August 11 this year, the Supreme Court gave him temporary bail for two months because of his health. “He can be released on temporary bail for two months from today for medical reasons, as decided by the trial court,” said a bench of justice Aniruddha Bose and justice Bela Trivedi.

Deteriorating Health Leads to Nawab Malik’s Transfer to CritiCare Hospital

So, on Monday, Malik’s lawyers asked the special court for MPs and MLAs to set the conditions for his release. The court allowed Malik to be released on bail if he pays ₹50,000 and gives one or two sureties for the same amount. He also has to give his passport and his medical reports to the ED. He can’t talk to the media about the case or talk to anyone who is part of the case. The ED says that Malik indirectly helped the D-gang by getting a valuable piece of land in Kurla, which is worth about ₹300 crore, with the help of Dawood’s sister, Haseena Parkar. The agency’s chargesheet says that Malik only paid ₹20 lakh to get the property, Goawala Compound, in September 2005, and he didn’t pay the money to the real owner of the three-acre plot, Munira Plumber.

Supreme Court Grants Nawab Malik Two-Month Interim Bail on Medical Grounds

The agency also says that Malik and Parkar worked together to get the property even though the owner’s father, Fazalabbas Goawala, had died, and no one was looking after it. They allegedly used a fake power of attorney. The chargesheet says that Malik, who was a local strongman, first took a place in the compound and got it registered in his brother’s name. Parkar’s driver and bodyguard, Salim Patel, pretended to be a social worker and met Plumber. He got her to give him a power of attorney so he could help her with the property. Patel made another power of attorney, and they used it to give the property to Solidus Investments (a company owned by Malik’s family). Solidus was already renting a place in the Goawala compound.

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