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Celebrating India’s 77th Independence Day: A Message from U.S. Secretary of State: On Tuesday, August 15, as India commemorates its 77th Independence Day, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, conveyed his sincere greetings to the Indian populace. In his message, he emphasized the robust and profound connection between India and the United States, as both nations collaboratively embark on a journey towards a world characterized by openness, prosperity, security, stability, and resilience. Representing the United States of America, we extend our warmest felicitations to the people of India on this 76th anniversary of their independence in August. This significant occasion prompts us to contemplate the extensive scope of our strategic alliance and honor the rich history of the Indian people, who constitute the cornerstone of the promising future we are collectively shaping,” Antony Blinken articulated through an official statement.

A Powerful Bond: India and U.S. Forge Path to a Shared Future

He additionally acknowledged the intensification of the relationship between India and the US, highlighting its unprecedented expansion. This close-knit affiliation, Blinken emphasized, thrives as a result of shared commitments aimed at addressing contemporary global challenges and ensuring the well-being and progress of the populations. The events of the past year have unequivocally illustrated that the connection between the United States and India has grown deeper and more multifaceted than ever before. As the world’s most enduring and extensive democracies, we have forged an unbreakable tie between our nations, a bond that steadily tightens as we collaborate towards a world that embodies openness, prosperity, security, stability, and resilience,” remarked Antony Blinken.

76 Years of Independence: Reflections on India’s Journey

“On behalf of the citizens of the United States, I extend my heartfelt wishes to the people of India on this momentous day. Shoulder to shoulder, we are resolute in our shared dedication to confronting the paramount global challenges and ensuring the harmony and advancement of our societies,” he further expressed.

Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, also took the opportunity to convey his sincere regards to India and the diverse communities partaking in celebrations across Australia.

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